Wellcome to Ortofamily! - Ortofamily Clínica Dental en Chamberí Madrid

Wellcome to Ortofamily!

Welcome to Ortofamily!

First visit:

It is the first day that we know and you should know that will be to your first appointment with us. Do not worry it will not hurt you!

In this event the patient is made a general clinical assessment to find out what their needs treatment. Both in orthodontics and dentistry (teeth, gums, prosthetics and aesthetic).
They will explain your problem and the best way to solve it
It will indicate the time required for treatment.

All this time take approximately 40-30 minutes.

This first visit is free and without obligation !!!

Later if necessary will perform a Orthodontic Study consisting of:

  • Photographs of the face.
  • Photographs of the teeth.
  • Plaster molds of your teeth.
  • Digital cephalometric (to see the bones of the face).
  • Digital orthopantomography (to check your teeth and joint).

This study will define the best treatment for you and we will explain in detail, clarifying all doubts and showing images of the devices we use.
Furthermore you will be informed of the budget and payment facilities.

We’re ready to start treatment !!!

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